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So you've decided to take control of your health and get serious about achieving your goals. What happens next? ⠀

Cardio, lots and lots of cardio. Specifically in the form of treadmill work. ⠀

• Go to gym⠀

• Walk / run on treadmill for 45 minutes⠀

• Leave gym ⠀

• Wash, rinse, repeat...⠀

Sound familiar?⠀

This is the trap that 90% of people fall into. It's why gyms like Planet Fitness, are so popular. LOADS of cardio equipment while simultaneously villainizing strength training. (this is not a hyperbole. They actually have a "no grunting," policy)⠀

I have some bad news for you. This is in part why you're (a) not losing the weight you desire and or (b) look gooey and lack lean muscle.

This isn't to say that doing cardio is bad. You should absolutely use it as PART of your health journey.

Instead of focusing on the treadmill try switching it up and doing some resistance training a few days per week. I promise you, you're not going to get "bulky." What WILL happen is your body will get stronger. This includes your bones which will help you to avoid things like osteoporosis.

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