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Well here we are. One more trip around the sun. As a fitness trainer this is when I see the largest up tick in people wanting to “get fit.”

“I’m dropping 20 pounds!”

“I’m losing these love handles!”

“I’m going to get jacked!”

“I’m going to... fill in the blank.”

It’s the same thing every year. You make the resolution on January 1st and by January 15th you’ve decided to say “f**k it, a few extra pounds is ok.”

The problem is I KNOW you want to change. Why else would you have made THAT resolution in the first place? You could have just as easily made the resolution to stop cursing or stop throwing things at your kids when they get on your nerves. You made the resolution to make a change to your health, let’s see it though this year.

The number 1 thing I see that causes people to fail with their New Years resolution is trying to do too much too fast. Trying to incorporate a new life style at warp speed and no plan.

On average it takes people 66 days to build a new habit to the point that it becomes automatic. Think about it, when’s the last time you had to actively remember to brush your teeth? You don’t, it’s automatically something you just do. This is how you win the resolution game. Don’t try and go crazy with working out. Especially if you haven’t been consistently training for a while. Instead, start small. Build realistic new habits. Once you’ve conquered the mental part, THEN we can up the intensity.

If you’re looking for a plan to follow to help you make exercise a part of your daily life. Check out my "66 day (New Habits) workout guide in the "shop" section.

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