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My dad sent me this photo today. This one photo pretty much sums up my entire childhood. Me covered in dirt after a game.

When I was growing up my entire life was sports. All of my friends came from playing sports and when we would hang out after a practice or a game you would most likely find us somewhere playing cup ball or racing each other. ⠀

Mom and Dad were always there for practices and games. Dad was probably coaching me on the field and to this day i can still hear my mothers voice from the bleachers coaching me from off the field. I can hear it perfectly. ⠀

Some one asked me recently why i like to train as hard as i do. I shot back with a half comical half sarcastic line and moved on but that question stuck with me for days. I couldnt come up with what felt like the right answer. ⠀

Until i realized that it's when i feel closest to mom. When im struggling with a workout or feeling frustrated about a jiu jitsu class, i feel like mom is there again coaching me from off the field.

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